Its the typical Friday afternoon since the ex no longer has supervised visits. I walk in the door home from work & the cell phone rings. ‘What?’ “Hey, are either of the boys coming over tonight?’ ‘Josh said he was.’ ‘Kay, are you bringing him over or am I picking him up or what?’ ‘Well I just walked in the door & I have plans tonight so you can come get him.’ ‘Well I’ve been driving around all day and I’m tired.’ ‘FINE, I WILL BRING HIM OVER THERE!’ ‘I’m waiting for a guy to come over now cause….’ CLICK! That was me hanging up. If you have ever read anything I have ever wrote about the ex he makes it a point to tell you every time he buys or sells anything.

Anywho, I jump in the shower, get dressed & remind Josh again to pack his bag. I notice that I have a missed call on my cell. Guess whoooooo????? So as its ringing Josh tells me he already talked to dad. About that time he answers. ‘You called?’ ‘Yeah, I told Josh if you would stop and pick up a pizza on your way over I would give you the money.’ ‘I DON’T THINK SO! I ALREADY TOLD YOU I HAVE PLANS TONIGHT & I DON’T HAVE TIME TO WAIT ON A PIZZA FOR YOU!!! ‘Well be that way!’ Click! Hahaha….

I guess I am a bad ex wife because I won’t stop and get him a pizza on a Friday night even tho I’m hauling his kid all the way to his house in BFE nowhere in the opposite direction of where I am going. Bad ex wife, bad bad ex wife. I sure hope I can sleep at night.


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