Spring Break

About 2 weeks ago Josh comes home early Sunday morning from his dad’s. Usually he goes to church with dad but said he didn’t feel good & had dad bring him home. It was nice because it gave me a little extra Joshie time, even if they scared the B-Jesus out of me when they showed up.

As were hanging out watching cartoons he tells me he told dad that we were going to Savannah, Ga during spring break & I didn’t think a whole lot about it. A few days later the ex calls & asks for details on our trip to Savannah & when spring break is. Leaving Sunday be back Tuesday, simple enough. The next day he calls again & asks the same question, then asks if I know of any deals at Wild Adventures. I tell him no & then he asks if I can go online & see. Once again I say no, you have your own computer your a big boy do it yourself. He comes back with I don’t know how to do that, I only know how to get on Craig’s list. At this I say I have to go & I hang up.

So, the ex calls again the next day. This time its when is spring break? Once again, it’s the last week of March. Okay, bye. Josh goes over to dads again that weekend & comes back and tells me dad said he was taking us to Wild Adventures when we get back from Savannah. Okie dokie with me.

That was on Sunday, Tuesday the ex calls again. Hey, when were you going to Savannah? At this point even you know the answer to this question, right? I tell him again at which point he says, can you reschedule? No, why? Because I wanted to take the boys to Kentucky. Well I guess that’s not gonna happen is it?

Wednesday and he calls again. When do they get out of school for spring break? SERIOUSLY????? Why? Can you reschedule going to Georgia so I can take them to Kentucky? (I laugh) I don’t think so! He say’s My mom is dying. Since when? You told me about a month ago that she was in the hospital & nothing else has been said, now shes dying? Well, shes sick & I want the boys to see her. Well, I guess maybe you should have mentioned that sometime in the last 2 weeks when you kept asking me when spring break was! Well I can’t ever plan anything because something always happens and I have to cancel. At this point I am getting rather irritated because I know better. Oh, you mean like the well turning to mud the night before you leave for a week? Oh wait, you went anyway didn’t you? Its discussions like this where you fully realize the effects of marijuana on the brain because he actually thinks he took care of this problem before leaving, but that’s another blog for another day.

Then it occurs to me what Josh had told me. I thought you were taking the boys to Wild Adventures anyway? I didn’t say that. Apparently you did because Josh came home said you were. Oh, that was this weekend. Then why did he say after we get back from Savannah? Well he didn’t pay attention. Can you just reschedule? Nope, and that’s just tough because I have already made reservations, tell your momma not to die before summer break. Click!

UPDATE: It is now 4 years later and his momma is still very much alive. I guess I’m not as awful a person as he might have thought huh?


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