Evil Cat’s 1

Simply put, I hate cat’s. I always have for one reason or another. They don’t seem to be good for anything for the most part and really not that entertaining. At least with a dog you can convince him to play with you, unlike a cat who will give you that go to h*ll look. I have recently had my hatred stoked for the stupid animal the Egyptians once revered as gods when we moved to the trailer hood.

It amazes me that people will have an animal they can’t keep tabs on, much less think so little of it that when you move you consider the animal leftover furniture & leave it behind for the new dwellers to deal with. Thanks to all of you is all I can say. I should have known I was in trouble the day we moved in and a whole congregation of them sat at the back door just watching us. It wasn’t long before the group of evil fur balls made their way on top of my white Jeep. Yes, I had the ultimate cow. These things are not de-clawed and do not wipe their feets before perching upon my Snowflake.

After running them off several times in one night I knew I had to think of a way to get rid of them, after all, I was the one paying rent to live there, not them. Besides feeding them some rat poison nothing really came to mind. Then of course was New Years Eve. New Years ended with my going to bed sometime after 1am after playing with a Christmas tree my son & I had found and a little celebration drinkie, drinkie. The place got quiet & as I was in that lovely drifting off phase I hear ‘MMMMaaaaaammmaaaaaaa’ !!! Mmmmmaaammmmaaaaaa’!!! So of course I shot up out of the bed & then remembered my youngest was not at home. I honest to Buddha convinced myself my new place was seriously haunted. It wasn’t until a few nights later that I realized it was these flippin evil cats yelling mmmaaammmaaa while I was trying to sleep.

So, somebody at work convinced me it was illegal to poison cats so I dropped that idea. Didn’t work anyway because my neighbor tried it. These things have probably been poisoned so many times it’s like pot to them. I was starting to really lose it over the feline situation. I threw an apple at one, it just looked at me like I was stupid because I throw like a girl. Then I threw a flip flop at 2 of them fighting a few nights later and they carried off my shoe. I don’t know what made me think of it but I was sitting at work playing with a really REALLY big rubber band & it hit me. Kitty Cat target practice. I figured it was safer to launch a rubber band at my jeep than a pellet from a gun, besides I am a very lousy shot.

If you can actually hit a cat with a large rubber band it is quite effective. Unlike pellets, poison, flip flops & apples you get a pretty good return on your money because the rubber bands lay on top of the grass & don’t get carried off. I’m recycling America!