Evil Cat’s 2

I will admit, I might have had a small portion of the blame for this one. I have been seriously dragging butt since we got back home from vacation earlier in the week. I am also one of those people who forgets its garbage day the next morning until after I have already taken a shower. Besides the fact I really don’t want to play with garbage now that I am all nice and clean, I make it a point to not go outside after dark in the trailerhood. I figure it’s no big deal and I will drag it out to the street in the morning when I leave for work.

Of course the next morning rolls around & I think nothing of it. I get home from work & there sits the garbage untouched. Now in the process of all this I stop by the front office & pay my rent and hand the lady my list of complaints, AGAIN. She says they will have someone over Monday or Tuesday, so now I have to clean house since the boys have been home on spring break all week.

I bag up all the garbage inside the house & sit it on top of the already full garbage can & vow I will take it up front to the dumpster tomorrow when the gate is open.

A little while later I have to run to the jeep & as I am trying to get out the door it won’t budge. I look out & there sits my nemesis on my top step, the stupid bob tailed gray cat. So I push the door open with my shoulder & it takes off, along with a smaller black cat. It’s obvious that SOMETHING has been in my garbage because there is a hole in the garbage bag. I pick up the lid & sit it on top thinking if they come back the lid will fall & scare them off. NOT!!!!

About a half hour later I walk by the door & decide to look out & there sits the stupid black cat again, in my garbage can. At this point I realize I am out of rubber bands, our first line of defense, so I panic & run outside to scare it off. I start yelling & realize my neighbor’s window is open and that this is possibly her cat so I get quite & now point at the cat that’s about 15 feet away standing next to another cat. I tell it stay out of my d**n garbage you stupid trailer park cat. Apparently this offended the other cat who proceeded to do that thing cats do where they hike their body up into a curve & hisses at me. Now for the record I wasn’t actually scared of the cat, I just ran back in the house because I didn’t want any trouble. Yeah, that’s it.

So anywho, I walk by a little later & both cats are now having the time of their lives in my garbage can. This time I run outside with a can of bug spray and they take off. Thinking back on it I should have grabbed my pepper spray but I did remember seeing ants in the garbage can so I hosed it down. As I’m doing this I notice crumbs all over top of my a/c box so I turn around & yell how about cleaning up your mess you stupid cat! So yeah I almost broke my toe running up the stairs so the evil cat wouldn’t eat me. I’m starting to get a little concerned at this point and I know the big gray cat told the other cat that I was mean to it. This is a smaller cat though so I have to figure out a way to defend myself or at least make it leave.

About twenty minutes later I peek out & there they sit, not actually digging thru my garbage at this point but just hanging out to mock me. They also have their friend the big gray cat with them this time. I tip toe to the bathroom & fill up a plastic container with water & make my way back to the door. I sling the door open let out a ninja type of scream & throw the water at the cats. The cats of course had already moved but it’s hard to stop water already in motion so all I managed to do was soak my garbage that now has a gaping hole in it. I go stomping back in the house & decide I have to dispose of the garbage or I may very well lose my mind. It’s now wet & has a hole in it so I don’t want it in my jeep at this point so I did the next best thing. I went & got my other neighbors empty garbage can & dumped the whole mess in there and put it back in front of their drive way. She came home about 45 minutes later & I could hear her complain about how the garbage men didn’t pick up her garbage. I just hate it when that happens, hee hee.