Road Rage

After today I have decided to dedicate an entire section to road rage just because it has become such a big part of my life.

A lot of my friends and family find it amazing how getting behind the wheel of my vehicle can totally change my attitude. I like to think that there is an idiot magnet located in my front bumper that just attracts people who can not drive to save their lives. Obviously that is not the case. My boss asked me yesterday why I work hours that require me to come in so early. My excuse back in the day used to be because of my kids then I realized it’s now because I can’t stand to drive around other people. You would think that with the price of gas recently spiking and the unemployment rate thru the roof, there wouldn’t be many people on the interstate at 6am. I have concluded that Jacksonville actually pays people to play pace car and get in front of me in the fast lane and slow down. Come on, that really is the only logical reason isn’t it?

I must say that I feel sorta sorry for my kids, over the years I am sure they have learned a lot of creative words & phrases sitting in my backseat. When your little kids roll down the window and yell what the stupid lady on the cell phone can do with the cell phone shes using while driving, you know you have a problem. Good news is they know not to volunteer mommy to drive the church bus…..ever.

Since I will probably never win the lottery I will have to continue to drive pretty much everywhere. Sad as it is, I suppose I will learn to live with this reality. Sure would be nice to beat somebody with a tire iron for getting in my way tho.