Punch Bowl

My older son Sam & I were watching 2 &1/2 Men one night while my younger son Josh was in the bathtub. The longer we watched the show the funnier it got, but it was because we realized the kid on the show was Josh. Not actually Josh, but this kid had the same demeanor & type of personality as my kid in the tub. He could hear us laughing & the more he asked what was so funny the funnier it got. Once he got out of the tub I tell him this one part where ‘Jake’ the kid was called a turd in the punch bowl by his uncle. I didn’t think too much about it & figured he had forgot about it…until the next afternoon.

I come home from work & were doing the how was your day routine & making dinner. All of a sudden Josh tells me about a situation where a kid next to him at school would not be quiet while the teacher was talking and out of no where my lil angel looks at the kid & says “You know what, your just a turd in the punchbowl!” I of course was mortified & asked what did the teacher say. He replies “She said ‘oh dear’ & proceeded to cross her legs & laugh.” I kept waiting for the almighty phone call from somebody but it never came.

A few weeks later we were in the car with grandma and I was telling her about it. From the back seat Josh says “What’s so wrong about saying that?” It then occurs to me this kid has no idea what a ‘turd’ is, so I ask him what he thinks a ‘turd’ is. The kid proudly goes “It’s your guts, Duh!”